Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Buses are for losers.

I say this a daily rider of buses. In the transportation food chain of the New York area, there is no lower form of transportation than the bus. Even those pedicabs one sees in the warmer months are higher in the transportation food chain; they are acutually capable of getting through some of the traffic jams that buses get stuck in.

Buses are transportation for people whose time is not important. If your time is truly valuable, you will pay for a better form of transportation than a bus. You will not stand there, in the freezing cold, waiting God only knows how long for some lumbering, offspring of a dinosaur (one of the slower, stupider species) and a sloth to meander its way through traffic to reach the bus stop. Once you get on the bus you may be lucky enough to get a seat, but more often than not you'll stand and be subject to the whims of the driver's steering.

This is the first in a series of rants about buses. For anyone seeking positive comments about buses, I direct you to Curitiba, Brazil, a place where the buses have moved up the food chain.