Monday, May 17, 2004

Geneva Convention

Did you oppose subsequent release of photographs because of the Geneva Convention?

SECRETARY DONALD RUMSFELD: No, what I said was my first choice would be to release them. It’s my understanding that at the present time the people who have an obligation to take into account privacy issues, legal requirements under privacy laws, and Geneva Convention are advising against it.

—from the transcript of an exchange between Donald Rumsfeld and reporters on May 13th. See the entire transcript here.

So it's O.K. to talk trash about the Geneva Convention protocols for months and then hide behind them when they provide an excuse for not releasing damning evidence of U.S. forces torturing Iraqis? Concern for the privacy of the torture victims is commendable, however, it seems disingenuous when there was so little concern for the victims of torture while they were being tortured. Wouldn't a full airing of all the photographic and video evidence (possibly with the faces of the victims obscured) be a necessary step towards convincing the American and Iraqi people (not to mention the rest of the world) that the U.S. government is not trying to cover any of this up?

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