Wednesday, May 26, 2004

U.S. capital is now Tehran?

Why aren't the American people demanding that the President and most of his cabinet be impeached? Perhaps because the news organizations in this country don't report the ugly truth. Read the story I am linking to in the previous sentence. It almost made me weep. The people running this country are unfit to hold high office for so many reasons, but discovering that they were doing the bidding of the ayatollahs just makes this whole sorry administration even worse.

Let's be clear about this: This is the worst presidential administration in the history of the United States. The thieves who made up President Grant's cabinet at least did not fail to protect Americans from people who wanted to kill them. To cite just one example of misplaced priorities, our government chose to invade Iraq (despite the fact that almost all the 9/11 attackers were Saudis), but what is the Bush II administration doing to protect our container ports from terrorism?

The world is a more dangerous place thanks to the Bush II administration. From stealing the election, to undermining environmental standards, to giving tax breaks to the wealthy, to attacking our civil liberties, to subjecting our soldiers to an ill-planned occupation of Iraq, to consistently lying to the press, this administration has shown nothing but contempt for average people.

If we must be governed by a child of the ruling class, I'll take the one who was a legitimate war hero, but who was not afraid when he got home to take a stand against a war that made no sense. I'll take the one who wants to penalize corporations who import U.S. jobs to low-wage economies. I'll take the one who supports true multinational approaches to problems such as Saddam Hussein. John Kerry is not perfect, but he would be a much more honorable, honest, and humane leader for our country than George W. Bush.

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