Tuesday, November 02, 2004

An interesting endorsement for Kerry

The_Bell, the senior political analyst in The Fray (the reader discussion forum on Slate) identifies himself as a lifelong Republican. He is voting for John Kerry for President and the Democratic ticket for other offices. He cites many reasons for his disillusionment with the Republican Party in his posting, but what I liked best about his essay was that he makes the case that the Republican Party is no longer conservative. One of many insightful points made in the essay is:

The neoconservative Republican ideology believes that "freedom is on the march" around the world but readily advocates the abandonment of basic civil liberties at home for which pervious generations selflessly fought and died in order to make this generation "safer." I believe it is for precisely this reason that there is no way in which America could be less safe in the face of future terrorist attacks than for the current Administration and its ideology to remain in charge — that is the message of Democrats and John Kerry.

Read his whole post here

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