Thursday, January 13, 2005

About the weather...

Be forewarned, I am about to complain about the weather and I am not going to do anything about it.

We have had a mild January thus far here in the New York Metropolitan Area and that is nothing to complain about. The overcast skies and uninterrupted drizzle of the past week, however, are really getting old. I'd rather have snow than this.

That said, I freely admit that people in this part of the world complain about the weather too much. We have a truly temperate climate here in the Middle Atlantic States. We don't get the cold that our neighbors in New England or Upstate New York do. Being close to the coast is a good thing. Despite the nearness of the Atlantic Ocean, however, we don't get hit hard by hurricanes such as happens in Florida.

We don't get the excessive snow one finds in Buffalo, or the excessive rain one finds in Seattle or Vancouver. It gets hot and humid for a few weeks each summer, but I have lived in Atlanta and compared to that city we don't know from hot and humid up here. The snow we do get is usually quickly plowed. We get lovely colors on the trees each autumn.

What are we complaining about?

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