Friday, February 04, 2005

Ossie Davis, R.I.P.

Regular readers of this blog (if there are any I'd like to know; email me and let me know you are out there) have surely noticed that I am follower of obituaries. I like to note the passing of people whom I have admired. It is my own small tribute to the inspiration they have provided me.

Today we learned of the loss of another great American: Ossie Davis. He was best known as an actor, but he was also a director, a writer, and a committed political activist. He fought for justice all his life and donated his name and his talents to the cause. He came up in a profession that was terribly racist when he was a young man and he was therefore given the opportunity to be a pioneer for African Americans in the theatre, television, and the movies. He led an exemplary life

The United States will miss him.

Ossie seemed to always show up at the right time, on the right side, which was always the human side. He was always progressive and had a very heartfelt sympathy for all people everywhere.

—Roy Scheider

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