Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The return of the hit parade

The songs played the most often on my iPod so far in 2005:

  1. Landslide, Fleetwood Mac: 20 times / To quote David Duchovny in his defense of why he included this song in his iTunes Celebrity Playlist, "Yeah I know it’s kinda weak, but Stevie Nicks feels it… Sue me." At least I haven’t been listening to the Dixie Chicks cover of this song; love their politics, but their music not so much.
  2. Fallen, Sarah McLachlan: 16 times / She accounts for almost half the songs on this list. One might worry about what that means, but in fact it doesn’t mean I have been down-in-the-dumps.
  3. Run-Around, Blues Traveler: 10 times / This is just a catchy tune with a great arrangement.
  4. Possession, Sarah McLachlan: 10 times
  5. World on Fire, Sarah McLachlan: 10 times / One of her best songs.
  6. It Matters Now, Jonatha Brooke: 9 times / Back in the Circus is one of the great albums of this decade.
  7. I Will Remember You, Sarah McLachlan: 9 times / Still the all-time number one on my iPod at a play count of 23.
  8. A Child in These Hills, Jackson Browne: 8 times / Jackson’s first album still sounds great.
  9. All Through the Night, Shawn Colvin: 8 times / Her album of lullabies is lovely.
  10. After the Love Has Gone, Earth Wind & Fire: 8 times / The sound of the 1970s.
  11. Chega De Saudade, Yo-Yo Ma: 8 times / From Yo-Yo’s album of Brazilian music.
  12. Drifting, Sarah McLachlan: 8 times
  13. Full Of Grace, Sarah McLachlan: 8 times
  14. Train Wreck, Sarah McLachlan: 8 times / Another great song from Canada’s greatest songwriter since the heyday of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.
  15. Bahía Blanca, Carlos di Sarli y su orquesta típica: 8 times / From the soundtrack of The Tango Lesson, a favorite movie of mine. This is a classic tango.
  16. I'll Never Fall in Love Again, Dionne Warwick: 8 times / Burt Bacharach is timeless.

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