Monday, September 05, 2005

Back from hiatus

I have not been blogging lately for a variety of reasons. The primary reason for my silence, however, has been that I have been involved in a protracted disengagement from my job. I still work for the same company where I have been employed for the past seven years, but my job satisfaction (which has been in steady decline for three years) has taken a nose dive over the past few months. The bureaucracy of the large corporation is slowly grinding my spirit beneath its stone.

Since many of my thoughts have centered around this situation at work, and since I have no desire to insult or defame my employer, I have held my digital tongue. I believe that my frustrating position at work is about to change, however, so I feel inspired to share my thoughts again with the three or four of you who read this blog.

Where to begin? New Orleans? John Roberts? The impending abolition of what remains of the "spoiled brat" tax (a.k.a. the inheritance tax)? The continuing debacle in Iraq? The resurgence of Benjamin Netanyahu? There are so many things to rant about.

I'll take a brief crack at Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath: How could the Federal government have been so bloody unprepared for this? How could they have ignored years of warnings from the Army Corps of Engineers and officials in Louisiana? How could they spend money that would have gone to reinforcing levees on "rebuilding" Iraq? How could the lives of Americans be valued so cheaply by their government? That African Americans and other concerned Americans are not marching on Washington with torches in hand is a wonder to me.

There have been many insightful things written about this fiasco, among them this column by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times on Saturday. By the way, who would have thought five years ago that Maureen Dowd would become one of the leading critics of the Bush administration? She has gone from being frivolous to being a teller-of-truth-to-power. I have been pleasantly surprised by her over the past few years.

Ms. Dowd notwithstanding, this hurricane has been a great tragedy for the United States and one can only hope that it results in our nation paying more attention to real homeland security.

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