Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blame the arrogant asses in The White House (and the people who voted for them)

There has been so much written and said about the failures in planning prior to Hurricane Katrina that I have little to add. I do, however, want to call attention to a fine column by Richard Reeves on the failures of our leaders. One particularly good point he makes is this:

The tragedies in New Orleans and Baghdad are both tragedies of stunted minds who do not believe in the capacity of the people of the nation organized as government.

Read the entire column here.

Government cannot solve all our problems for us, but if government does not adequately protect us from predictable natural disasters, or help us after those disasters occur, it has failed in its most basic function. The reactionaries who have been trying to dismantle the parts of our government that cannot provide outsourcing contracts to Halliburton are responsible for thousands of deaths on both the Gulf Coast and in Iraq. Will they ever be held to account for their actions?

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