Friday, October 07, 2005

Arrogant, lazy, and stupid

There are times when it takes all I can do to refrain from concluding that humans are inherently arrogant, lazy, and stupid. Every day I witness people behaving in ways that leave little room for other conclusions. Behaving selfishly has fewer consequences if one does not have tools or power to magnify the effects of one's actions, but unfortunately many of us have such tools or power at our command.

Automobiles are weapons. Drivers act the way pedestrians do; they run lights, refuse to yield to others, and travel too fast. The difference between drivers and pedestrians is that drivers have these huge tools that can easily hurt other people, particularly pedestrians. Yet they act as if they have no more obligation to exercise caution than someone on foot. That more people are not killed by automobiles is a wonder to me.

Automobiles, however, only magnify existing tendencies. Mobile telephones do the same thing, but fortunately the worst they can do in the hands of an average person is simply make that person more annoying. Where and when are people taught to be considerate of others?


Jamie Hunter said...

A fantastic blog. Keep it up.


Hero's Cousin said...

The answer is: humans are inherently arrogant, lazy, and stupid. everything testifies to that fact. You're right that cars and other tools magnify those tendencies.