Friday, April 14, 2006

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In America

One word summary: Trite.

An irascible, reclusive artist with a heart of gold dies in order to magically save the newborn daughter of his neighbors (echoes of that old Laura Nyro song And When I Die). The theology behind this is suspect; who wants a deity who demands blood sacrifices in order to save lives?

The movie is set in the early 1980s, yet the New York that is depicted is obviously almost twenty years later than the events of the film. Not every filmmaker can afford to dress outdoor urban locations for a period in the past, but in such cases one must then use fewer outdoor shots.

The acting was good, particulary the performances of the two children who portrayed the narrator and her sister.

One question which occurred to me while watching this film was this: I have known a number of immigrants from Ireland who settled in New York and in every single case they had relatives, friends, or friends of friends whom they relied upon for assistance after they arrived here. There is an extensive network of Irish immigrants in New York who help out newcomers, yet this family knew no one from that community to whom they could turn? That seems odd.

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