Friday, July 07, 2006

Domestic servitude

Since I was injured, we have hired a cleaning service to come in and clean our home every two weeks. I have never been a fan of letting strangers into my home for ANY reason. This point of view is regarded as irrational by many people I know. My reasons for feeling this way are simple though: My home is my sanctuary from the world and having a team of four maids come in to clean the house while I am there makes me feel as if I am an intruder in my own home. This feeling infuriates me. My reaction is, perhaps, irrational, but it is deeply felt.

Relieving my wife of some of the burden of looking after both me and the house is, of course, a worthwhile goal. I have no desire to make my wife do any more work than she is already doing. And so I agreed to have this cleaning service come in. The fact is, however, that they still make me feel like an intruder in my own home. And goodness knows I don't want them here when no one is home. This is all in my head and I understand that, but my feelings about this are so strong that it is difficult to accept the presence of these people in my home.

It is a struggle and a sacrifice, but it is important that find a way to accept the presence of the cleaning service in my home.

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