Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More lies from the ruling party

The mainstream media coverage of the House bill whose provisions included raising the minimum wage was typically bad.

Let's be clear about this: This bill was brought to the floor of the House of Representatives for the purpose of giving Republican House members a chance to go "on the record" as supporting an increase in the minimum wage (and putting Democrats "on the record" as opposing such an increase). IT WAS NOT A BILL THAT ITS SPONSORS WANTED TO PASS.

"Legislation" such as this fake bill is a typical election-year tactic from the Republicans. If they really wanted to increase the minimum wage, they would introduce a clean bill that contained only a minimum-wage increase. Instead they introduced a bill that both increased the minimum wage and lowered the inheritance (i.e., spoiled brat) tax. The bill also would have abolished state and local minimum wage laws across the country. It was a bill they knew that Democrats (as well as some Republicans) would oppose. It was theatre, not government.

Let's have an increase in the minimum wage AND an increase in the inheritance tax. Maybe if the voters in the U.S. wake up and elect a Democratic majority in Congress we might get such things.

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