Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Five months on

Today marks the five-month anniversary of me being hit by a car. I no longer look like the picture you see here, which dates from late June. Both the beard and the casts are long gone.

Not coincidentally, I go back to work tomorrow. My disability benefits were about to run out, so I convinced my doctors to allow me to return to work earlier than they had anticipated I would return (they were planning on having me return to work in November or December). My recovery has gone very well, so they did not object to letting me begin working now.

I still have several more months of physical therapy ahead of me, but I am now able to get around with a cane and "air casts" (removable plastic and foam braces) on my ankles. The range of motion in my ankles is still rather limited, but I can actually walk around with the cane without pain. Thank goodness.

It has been very nice to walk upright again. The wheelchair is gone, as is the ramp we had on the front of the house. Life is gradually returning to normal. If only one could get five months off from work without experiencing serious injuries...

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