Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween morning

I walked from Penn Station to my office today. I have not made this walk since I was struck by a car in April. Since I returned to work in September I have been taking the subway the three stops it takes to get near my office. Today, however, Penn Station was so crowded when I exited my train I decided to forego the sardine-can subway ride and instead I walked my gimpy self downtown.

Broadway in the twenties was actually pleasant. This would not be the case later in the morning, but the closed storefronts meant that there were relatively few pedestrians about. At 26th Street I passed a woman who was trying to help a wounded sparrow. The bird appeared to have a broken wing and it was lying in the middle of the sidewalk. It was obviously unlikely that the sparrow would survive, but this woman persevered in her attempts to get the bird out of harm’s way. It was interesting to see how the suffering of a small creature moved this woman to perform what was undoubtedly a futile gesture. One doesn’t see people (including myself) doing the same for the humans we see prostrate on the street.

On a lighter note, a deli on 5th Avenue displayed a sign that read:

Raising the cholesterol of New Yorkers since 1929

That is an accomplishment.

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