Friday, December 22, 2006

The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania

My wife and I watched the aforementioned film on DVD last night. I confess that I was the one who chose this film. I thought it would be about the culture of small-town coal mining communities, and given that my great-grandfather was a coal miner in Pennsylvania, I hoped I might learn something about that way of life. Unfortunately, although there are some segments of the film featuring miners and their jobs, most of the film is devoted to the "Coal Queen" beauty contest. I would not say that there is nothing interesting to say about beauty pageants and that whole little world, but this film had little interesting to say about pageants or their contestants. There wasn't even much drama in the competition.

They could have done more with both coal-mining themes and beauty-pageant themes. One came away from this film not knowing much more about either of these topics than one did before seeing the film.

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