Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dirty warriors should face prosecution

Today's news brings a report that the Spanish government has declined to prosecute former Argentine junta officer Ricardo Cavallo. They have given Argentina the opportunity to extradite him for prosecution in his own country, so perhaps he will eventually face justice. One can only hope so.

I do not agree with the voices that call for "putting the past to rest" in cases of human rights abuses. In such cases, "putting the past to rest" usually means sweeping the truth under the rug and letting the torturers continue to profit from their illegal gains. Humans must face-up to the evil we do or we have no hope of ever reducing the occurrence of such deeds. Choosing to look away from evidence of persecution in order to avoid "stirring up old arguments" is making one's self (or one's society) complicit in the evil. If there is a Judgment Day, we will all have a lot to answer for.

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