Friday, March 23, 2007

Voting on the issues

Despite the fact that we won't elect a president for another nineteen months or so, the campaign has begun. A constitutional amendment limiting the length of campaigns might not be such a bad thing, although reconciling such an amendment with the First Amendment might not be easy.

So one is compelled to think about who one wishes to become the next president. Hillary Clinton is running as the first woman with a decent chance to win the presidency. Barack Obama is running as the first African American with a decent chance to win the presidency. Yet, if the Democratic primary were held today, I would vote for John Edwards. I am disappointed by the fact that my choice is the straight white Southern male, but on the issues Edwards is stronger than Obama, and far stronger than Clinton.

I remember remarking in 2000 that Al Sharpton was the only candidate I heard addressing the concerns of poor people. I wouldn't vote for Sharpton for dog catcher, but I respect his dedication to the issues that matter to average people. This time around, Dennis Kucinich is solid on the issues, but he is not, in the current parlance, electable. John Edwards is electable, and his positions on the issues are solid.

So let's consider this an early endorsement. Maybe I'll even volunteer to work on the Edwards campaign. Let's hope he doesn't disappoint.

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