Friday, April 13, 2007

We are shocked to discover that gambling is going on here

King Kaufman of Salon echoes many of my feelings about the recent ruckus over radio entertainer Don Imus:

  • Don Imus has been an offensive ass for over thirty years

  • We are no closer to a better world as a result of Imus's firing

  • We still avoid substantive discussions on race and gender

  • Don Imus was offered up a sacrificial lamb so we can feel like we are taking a stand on racism and sexism

  • If advertisers were not afraid of being associated with Imus he would still have a job. It's not as if they suddenly realized they were supporting the dissemination of hateful ideas.

  • Women are still underpaid and underappreciated

  • African Americans still regularly face contempt and discrimination

So now that the nasty Imus dragon has been vanquished, we can all go back to sleep and once again pretend that we live in a just society where ideas such as his are not such an intrinsic part of our culture that we barely acknowledge them.

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