Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Tomorrow I will turn forty-four years old. I have been referring to this occasion as the Hank Aaron Birthday in honor of one of my boyhood heroes.

On Sunday my wife and I had some friends and family over for a celebratory brunch. It was a very pleasant time. We had some laughs while we discussed the usual range of topics: Movies, embarrassing incidents from childhood (my wife's brother always evokes these stories, as he and his sister love to poke fun at each other and their mother), politics (there was a Republican in attendance, but we like him, and even he believes the present administration to be the worst in U.S. history), and books. People lingered for a few hours, which was nice; it doesn't inspire any confidence if they run out as soon as they are done eating.

I am blessed with many people who care about me. Between the family and friends I have here, the friends I have in Ontario, and my other friends around the world, I am a lucky man.

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