Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another person who thinks Mulroney is ignorant and mean-spirited

Larry Zolf, a news analyst at the CBC (and a reporter with decades of experience), has a good essay on about the ignorance of much of what Brian Mulroney has written in his recently-published memoirs. Mulroney demonstrates a lack of historical perspective that is remarkable. Mulroney's vindictiveness towards Trudeau is such that he cannot even accept the well-known realities of Quebec in the 1940s.

Trudeau was capable of astonishing arrogance and he could be a vicious political in-fighter, but he did have some principles from which he did not veer as an adult. Among these principles was an opposition to ethnic chauvinism, whether that chauvinism was Francophone, Anglophone, or allophone.

I'd still take Trudeau over Mulroney anyday.

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