Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am impressed by Obama's speech on race

This was an excellent speech. Read it here. He makes a good point about not disowning a friend or family member because of intemperate or inflammatory remarks they might make.

My recent post about the Obama/Clinton/NAFTA flap received a comment that I declined to post. The reason why I declined to post the comment is that it came from some Clinton supporter whom I don't know and who had nothing to say other than this: Apparently I did not mention that the Obama campaign released conflicting statements about what happened in this whole NAFTA renegotiation business. The comment did not seem worth saving, as I have no idea who this person was, and he seemed to be some Clinton supporter just looking for pro-Obama comments he could try to refute.

This is not a news site. I make no pretense of presenting both sides of any issue, or of being objective about any issues. If someone makes a comment on my blog that I believe is interesting, I will gladly post it, even if I don't agree with the writer's opinions. I am not here, however, to provide one more platform for the blogging armies of the Clinton campaign or any other campaign. There is no shortage of places for them to express their opinions.

The fact is that I don't hate Hillary Clinton. I merely believe that Obama will make a better president. If Hillary Clinton gives a few speeches like the one Obama gave today in Philadelphia, I might reconsider that position.

So, you among the teeming dozens who might actually read this blog can comment on whatever you like and if I like your comment, I'll post it. If you don't like that policy, then comment on someone else's blog. I don't have the time or the energy to waste on arguing politics with anonymous strangers on the Internet.