Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Senator Arlen "Craven" Specter joins the Democratic Party

This is good news for the Democrats, but do not, for a minute, believe that the decision had anything to do with principle. Senator Craven faced a tough challenge from the right in the Republican primary in 2010 and he did what he always does when faced with a tough fight: He ran.

This man rivals "Joe-mentum" Lieberman in his cravenness. The Democrats would have been better off with running a real Democrat in 2010, but perhaps Senator Craven can come in handy in preventing a few filibusters over the next several months. I'll be impressed if he does vote to cut-off any debates, but if he does, good for him.

Lest we forget, Senator Craven's illustrious record, here is something I wrote about him three years ago.

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